Check Google Classroom for today’s assignment. If you were absent, you only need to complete part II. This assignment is posted in the essential assignments folder as:
Natural Disasters Part II. This is due Friday, October 21st.

Week 1

Congratulations on completing your first week! We accomplished many things, and I am excited to work with all of you. Parents and caring adults, we focused on many topics. We covered classroom policies and procedures. We also created six word stories that described your student, which will be shared with our principal, Mrs. Hillman. We will finish our stories in class on Monday. We also learned about September 11th and discussed how to provide security for a large group while still protecting the rights of individuals.

Please utilize the class calendar to view what was due, done in class, and homework. I try to update this daily. Please reach out if you have any comments, questions, or concerns.

Happy Weekend Everyone!